How to fix Canon B200 Error

One of the most critical problems that most Canon printer users encounter is the Canon B200 error. This issue is typically brought on by a bad and unclear printhead. The Canon printer’s printhead is responsible for transferring color or black ink to a page. A piece of paper getting lodged in the printhead, a broken cartridge, or improper ink cartridge insertion might also cause the error to show up. If this issue didn’t resolve right away, you will not able to print a single page from your printer. So read over all the simple and modern troubleshooting techniques for a trouble-free printing experience. 

 Quickly Reset Your Printer

It’s possible that the position of the printhead is not correct where it should be. Resetting your printer will sometimes quickly fix this Canon Pinter Setup issue. After disconnecting all cords, give it 30 minutes before trying again. Reconnect the power wire to the printer port and wall socket at this point. Everything will be back in place when you switch on the printer.

 Remove any pieces of paper or obstacles


There can be a barrier preventing your printer from making a connection to the printhead. At this point, switch off your printer and remove the top cover. Take out all the cartridges after removing the top cover, and then raise the printhead latch. Remove the printhead now with care. Examine the inside spaces adequately surrounding the printhead. If it discovers any paper or other obstruction, get rid of it right once to fix the Canon B200 issue.

 Gently clean the printhead and wipe off any excess ink

Additionally, if the printhead is not clean for some time, clean it right away. To start the cleaning procedure, lift the printhead away from the printer. A clean, lint-free cloth should now be dipped in warm water. Use a cloth to wipe out any remaining ink on the printhead. Next, put a paper towel in a disposable container and fill it with hot water to the point till it dips the towel entirely. Put the printhead inside the container right away to clean the nozzles. Place the printhead on a fresh piece of paper towel after removing it from the container. Give the printhead around 10 minutes to soak. Reinstall the printhead after that, then try printing.

 Replace the old ink cartridge with a new one


The Canon B200 error will also appear on your screen if the cartridge you are using is damaged. Therefore, removing the damaged cartridge is essential for printing that is clear and error-free. So, purchase a replacement cartridge that is compatible with the design of your Canon printer. To verify cartridge compatibility, consult the handbook that came with your printer. Insert the ink cartridge properly into the printer.

 Reinstall the printer driver

The installed printer driver may be the cause of the Canon B200 error if the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above do not fix it. Reinstall the program by visiting Canon’s official website.

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