Canon Continues Its Support for Printweek Awards 

With the sponsorship of two categories—Digital Printer of the Year and Digital Photo Album Printer of the Year—Canon India has reaffirmed its support for the Print Week Awards.

Puneet Datta, senior director at Canon India, confirmed the support, saying, “Our affiliation with the PrintWeek Awards has been going on since 2009. And, our support has been and will continue to be a big part of the awards. Build Canon’s main products on creativity, innovation, and sustainability; with this award. We have the chance to honor companies and organizations who share this philosophy.

Datta continued, “We have not only been passive sponsors but have also worked extensively on several configurations of the Awards night with the PrintWeek Awards crew (who have been nice enough to talk and imbibe).”

Datta added that the epidemic has changed nearly all industries internationally. And, that the printing sector was no different when speaking about the digital print scenario. “Lockdowns caused significant disruptions in the industry, and end-user demand for printing altered. Printing moved from workplaces to residences. Due to the rise of entrepreneurs and e-commerce, applications including letterheads, business cards, and marketing collateral substantially decreased while labels and packaging increased.

However, shorter runs were made possible by the digital adoption of e-learning, remote and hybrid working, as well as hybrid and remote working. “Digital printing pixma is virtually back to the pre-Covid era in terms of print quantities. But the commercial print industry is still suffering. The volume of printing in the label and packaging sector keeps increasing.

On September 28, the PrintWeek Jury Day will be held at the Hilton Sahar in Mumbai. The mission may complete at the Awards Night on November 2, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt in Santacruz East. The Prism will be unavailable on Awards Night for 10 Performance, 14 Quality, and 5 Special Covid-19 recipients.

You Continue to Be a Steadfast Advocate for the Printweek Awards, Which Honor Excellence in Print. What Are the Advantages of This Connection?

The PrintWeek Award serves as a yardstick for the industry’s best creative work. It grants recognition of the highest standards by recognizing the greatest quality and commercial performance. With the help of these prizes, we may network with the top professionals in the field and create enduring connections.

Why it is Essential to Identify the Best Works in Print?


Recognizinging work is crucial because it inspires participants and the entire ecosystem to strive for excellence at all times. Platforms like the PrintWeek Awards aid in raising the bar for benchmarking and recognition. By adopting creative solutions and catering to the changing needs of our clients. We all work together to assist the industry advance and developing best-in-class offerings as a result of such significant recognition. Therefore, such Awards are necessary to enable the entire professional printing ecosystem to expand and grow each and every day. Rather than to aid the growth of a single organization or business.

Tough Times?

There was an interruption, and now currency depreciation, higher manufacturing expenses, and increased prices for foreign logistics have caused a sharp increase in the price of every component used in printing. Shorter runs, therefore, result in less efficient resource use. While the commercial printing industry is suffering from the pains of ever-rising prices.

Has Digital Printing Stayed a Float?

Due to the problems facing the commercial printing industry, printers will need to start focusing on finding solutions to prevent disruptions caused by a lack of labor and the requirement for physical presence by investing in technologies to better serve their clients.

digital Printing

We can see that new-age technologies are emerging as a crucial growth pillar for the sector as we go deeper into the new era. Additionally, digitalization will continue to be the primary development driver for the printing sector. As a result of their improved operating efficiencies, fluid workflows, cheaper printing costs, and minimum waste, innovative digital printing products are being embraced quickly.

Your Outlook On the Print Industry Segment?

The outlook of the professional printing segment seems bright, with digital printing playing a critical element in the sector’s growth. Businesses will be keen on the intake of digital printing due to its efficiencies both in terms of manpower and turnaround time to print. The consumer behavioral change has led to an application change in terms of print volumes that are getting printed as well. Along with this, the segment would also witness technology playing a key role and automation in managing workflows Canon.

Going forward?

In the future, businesses will become less reliant on manual labor and more investments will draw to the field of professional printing. With the enormous potential they have for the expansion of the professional printing industry, tier-2 and tier-3 cities are also rising to prominence, and we will see more investments coming from regional markets.

In conclusion

Printers are urged to shift their competitive strategy away from price-based competition. And, toward improving customer experiences and enhancing client relationships. The printing business needs to think about metamorphosis and transition.

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