Canon Ij Printer Utility

Download IJ Printer Utility for Windows & MAC

Canon printers are on two connections that are Wired and wireless connections. They are even multifunctional. Multifunctional means can work as a Printer, Scanner, Copy, and Fax. The Driver is essential to connect the Printer wirelessly with devices like PCs, Macs, etc. Without a Driver or software, the wireless connection is impossible. Wireless connection is via WiFi and LAN connectivity.

The Printer can operate using the Driver or software. One can also change the settings of the Canon printer using the utility tool of the Driver or software. Various tools settings points are available in the Canon IJ utility tool of the Driver or software. The settings like ink cartridge adjustment, Printer head adjustment, etc. Some settings are done internally without even touching the device using the utility option of Driver. Following is the detailed information about the Canon Ij utility driver or software;

Which are the different functions of the Canon IJ printer utility?

The utility of the canon printer performs various functions like ink cartridge testing, ink tanks, cleaning the ink tanks without lifting the Printer, paper alignment feeding, etc. To know the similar functions in detail then, the functions of the ij canon printer utility are given below;

Power settings of the Printer:-

In short, utility tools are assessability tools. When there is any problem with the printer and the power button, the utility helps solve the problem. Here the utility software of the canon printer can handle the power access of the Printer from the software itself. Following is the process of changing the power settings if the power button of the Printer doesn’t work;

  • Open the Canon IJ utility from the device.
  • Then from the main menu of the Canon IJ printer utility, click on the Power Settings option.
  • Now in the Power settings option, click on the Power OFF option.
  • Then a new tab will open.
  • There click on the OK option.
  • Now the Printer will turn off.
  • That’s it.

Selection of your choice cartridges:-

Now several color cartridges are input into the Printer. The user can change the ink cartridges’ color using the Ij printer utility software. If the cartridges are empty, then utility testing is available to test the ink in the cartridge. Follow the steps below to make the selection of preferred ink cartridges;

  • Now open the ij canon printer utility from windows or Mac devices.
  • Then select the ink Cartridges settings option.
  • Now the cartridges will appear.
  • From those cartridges, choose one that you prefer to use.
  • Then click on the Apply option and the OK option.
  • Now the Printer will only print from the cartridge you select while the cartridge settings.

The nozzle testing print:-

The nozzle check pattern is preferred when there is a problem during the printing due to the head. The Nozzle check pattern is available in the Ij canon printer utility settings. Following are the steps to set up the Nozzle check pattern print from the canon printer utility;

  • Now open the canon ij printer utility from a device like Windows or Mac.
  • The main page will open.
  • From the main page, select the Test print option.
  • Then locate and then click on the Nozzle Check icon.
  • Now take some papers and arrange them in a tray on the Printer.
  • Then click on the Print option to take a print.
  • After that, review the result of the print by seeing the print.
  • And then Exit or Quit if there is no problem in print.
  • If you see any problem, clean the print head option.

Automatic cleaning of Print Head:-

The Print head is the main part of the Printer. Using the Print head, only printing it is possible. It spreads the ink on the paper. So to clean the Print head automatically without flipping, the printer user can use the ij canon printer utility. Following are the steps to clean the Print head using the canon printer utility;

  • Open the canon printer utility from Windows or Mac device.
  • Then go to the Printer and turn it ON.
  • Now again, go to the utility and click on the Cleaning icon.
  • Now a new box will open.
  • There click on the ink group for cleaning.
  • Then click on the Execute Cleaning option.
  • Now cleaning will begin.
  • Then a box will appear.
  • There click on the Complete option.
  • Now the cleaning of the print head is successful.
  • To check whether the cleaning is successful or not, go for the Print check pattern.
  • And check the printer compatibility.

Printer processing Noise:-

When the Printer performs any printing or scanning or copying, it makes noise. So to avoid or reduce the Printer’s noise while performing, the canon ij printer utility software will help reduce the noise. Following are the steps to reduce the noise of the Printer;

  • Open the canon ij utility software.
  • Then select the Quiet menu from the drop-down arrow.
  • Now the list of options will open.
  • There you will see the various option for Quiet mode.
  • If you want to reduce the noise, select Quiet Mode during Specified hours.¬†
  • Select the third option.
  • Now select the time like Start time and End time.
  • And then click on the Apply option.
  • That’s it.

Installation of software of Canon IJ printer utility:-

Following is the installation process of the Canon IJ printer utility for Windows and Mac;

Installation in canon printer utility for Windows:-

Follow the steps below;

  • Open the settings of Windows.
  • In settings, go for the control panel.
  • There go for Printers and scanners.
  • Then add the Printer wirelessly.
  • Now select the Printer from the devices list.
  • Check the connection between the Printer and Windows device using WiFi.
  • And then right-click on the Printer and select the Open Print Queue option.
  • Then select utility, and the main interface will open.
  • That’s it.

Launch ij canon printer utility for Mac:-

  • Open the Apple icon.
  • Then go for system preferences.
  • Then select the Printer and Scanners option.
  • Now select the Printer and check the connection between the Printer and Mac.
  • And then choose Queue Print and then Utility.
  • That’s it.