Ij Scan Utility

Ij Scan Utility for Windows/Mac | Download and Run the IJ Scan Utility

What is scanning or scanners? Scanning is the process of converting a complex document or photocopy into a soft document copy. These scanned copies are stored automatically on devices like Windows or Mac. Canon IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac works for the same process, and it has a scanner that scans documents or photos in no second. 

Canon IJ Scan Utility software is available for Windows as well as Mac devices. The Canon Scanner with new up-to-date designs and functions. The IJ scan Utility for Windows/Mac is user-friendly and easy to handle. It has a One-click scanning feature. One must click once and get the document or photo scanning done. Following is details of downloading, installing, and launching the process of IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac;

Features of IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac:-

Talking about the features of the IJ scan utility for Windows/Mac, then Canon provides software that makes scanning easy with updated features. The software is based on scanning, which is very cool. Following are some features of IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac;

Save after scanning feature:-

The IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac provides the feature of automatic saving of documents after scanning them. The documents or pictures are saved in the default folder of your device. But here, one can change the folder or document location anywhere on the device.

Quick scanning feature:-

One can scan the photo’s document with a single click of the cursor. The software or application is easy to handle and user-friendly for people who don’t use their printers daily. Here one has to click on the option of Document or Photo to go for the scanning process to be done as quick as possible.

Customize Settings of Scanner:-

The IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac has the inbuilt system to modify or customize the settings of the Scan. One can change the settings of the Scan according to his need. It makes the use of the canon printers more convenient and personalized.

Connects with other applications:-

The IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac applications or software has the ability to connect with other applications easily. It allows you to select the files or documents from your E-mail, then one can add the files in folders, get text from images, etc.

Merging of More Images:-

At a time, the IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac allows you to merge multiple images. It can also scan larger files or documents at a time. Then it converts the documents into one single folder. It means that if you are scanning more documents in large quantities, you can scan them half into different and further merge those document folders.

How to Download and Install IJ Scan Utility Software?

The software for installation is available with the Canon Printer driver. The IJ ScanUtility will install when one downloads the driver from the official driver’s website. If you feel that the IJ Scan Utility is unavailable, then you need to find it with the TWAN driver. Following is the process of downloading and installing the IJ Scan Utility driver or software;

Download and Install IJ Scan Utility software for Windows/Mac:-

Follow the steps below;

  • Now open the browser of your Windows/Mac.
  • Then search for Canon’s official website ijsartcanons.com/ij-Scan-Utility-for-Windows-mac.
  • Now the main page will open.
  • There you will see the box to enter the model number.
  • There enter the model of your printer and search for the driver. 
  • Now a list of drivers will be available in from of you.
  • From the list, select the appropriate driver for your device.
  • Then click on the Download option.
  • Now downloading of the driver will finish.
  • After downloading, the installation will also begin.
  • To install the application, you need to follow the screen’s instructions.
  • Then tick into the check box to select the software windows.
  • That’s it.

How to launch the IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac?

After completing the step of downloading and installation, one has to move forward with launching the software on Windows/Mac. After launching the software, one can enjoy all the application operations. Following are a few easy steps to launch the IJ Scan Utility software for Windows/Mac;

  • If you are a Windows user, then open the Start icon below the left corner.
  • Then there in options, and you will see the Canon Utility option.
  • Click on it.
  • Then in Canon Utility, you will see the various options.
  • There you will find IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac option; click on it.
  • After clicking on the Utility option, the application’s main interface will open.
  • If you are a Mac device user, you must click on the Go option instead of the Start option.
  • Then further options will open in the drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, the list clicks on the application.
  • Then go for Canon Utilities and then for the IJ Scan Utility option.
  • From there, select the Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite option.
  • That’s it, and the software is launched on Windows and Mac devices.

How to scan using the IJ Network Utility tool?

To scan the documents or photos, one must follow the instructions on the screen. The use of software makes scanning easy and user-friendly. Following are the instructions or steps to make the scanning process easy using the IJ Network Utility tool;

  • Now turn On your printer first.
  •  Then the printer will have the upper cove, and you need to lift it.
  • Then keep the paper over the glass surface of the printer scanner.
  • Be careful while placing the paper side or main printing side.
  • One has to place the printing side downwards to the glass surface.
  • Then keep the cover down carefully.
  • Now go to the software of computer.
  • Open the application or software after launching it.
  • On the home interface of the Utility application, you have to select the Document or Photo option.
  • If you have to make any changes in the settings, go to settings and customize it.
  • After that, the scanner will begin to scan the document.
  • The progress of document scanning will display on your screen.
  • After scanning the document correctly, you will see a successful completion message on your Windows/Mac screen.
  • After that, click on the Exit option to come out of the software or application.
  • That’s it.