How to Fix Canon Printer Blurry Prints

Fix Canon Printer Blurry Prints

Have you noticed your Canon printer’s printing to be blurred lately? Yes, the problem has been spotted by various other Canon printer users that may have resulted from either the presence of outdated Canon printer drivers or the ink cartridges with little or no ink. It is also possible when you have not been using the printer for longer.

But, the problem will remains until you decide to work on it and get it vanished from your system using the effective and correct ways of error rectification.

Starting with, noticing a blurred printout problem. You can consider checking the level of ink in the cartridges or the alignment from the maintenance page. There are a lot of other reasons affecting the printer to get to a state of printing blurred documents or images.

What to Do to Avoid Blurry Print Results?

Your Canon Printer performed may have led you to utter dismay. Also, it would persist in being the same lest you give it the treatment it wants. To treat your Canon printer, you may prefer the properly curated ways mentioned below.

Updated Your Canon Printer Drivers

The Canon printer printing blurry images may be an outcome of an outdated, corrupt or mismatched printer driver in your computer. To ensure the printer doesn’t end up showing such an issue, you may prefer to update your printer driver. The majority of printer issues may occur due to an outdated or corrupted, update your driver immediately. You can go to Canon’s website for this and search and download the suitable driver for your Canon printer model.

Moreover, you can use trustworthy driver updater equipment for this purpose. It will help you scan your printer for issues automatically. And will download the suitable Canon printer driver for the Canon printer model of your own.

Check Your Ink Cartridges for Ink

Cartridges for Ink

You have to give sight to your ink tanks if there is enough ink in them. You can check the ink levels with your PC or even the device itself.

It can be a great help for you to prefer checking out the user manual. You may have got along with the device during a purchase. The reason behind this step is that every printer model has a different method of checking the ink level in the ink cartridges.

Furthermore, you can even check the dedicated printer app for your device. This can also have a specific set of guides to check the level of ink in your Canon printer model in the right way.

Check Your Print Head

If the above two mentioned methods couldn’t get you the expected results. You can try this method to deal with the problem. You may prefer this fixing technique if you come across blurred printouts from your Canon printer. This may happen because of an issue in your Canon printer’s print head nozzle.

You have to be sure that this error is because of a fault in your print head and to do that, firstly disconnect the power cord of your printer from the power source or a wall socket, and then remove the cover of your printer. Moreover, lift to open the ink tanks panel, and detach the cartridges and them side for some time. Clean the printer and especially the head and the surrounding area. If necessary, prefer replacing the print head with the new one to make sure the efficient operation of the hardware.

Look for the Alignment

You should surely go for the alignment assessment for your print head, as much as needed. To do so, you should check the user manual with the appropriate operations, which you may take up to get the alignment proper.

Check and Adjust the Print Settings

Cartridges for Ink

The printers come with the facility for their users to change the settings of the printer in order to want the desired print results. So, you can check the settings out and even make adjustments and changes as per your need in the printout that’s not blurred.

Replace the Wrong Paper Quality and Size With the Right One

Definitely, the quality and size of the paper matter depending on the kind of document or image you are intending to print. The wrong paper would not let you have the quality result for your print operation. Thus, in such a case, you should immediately replace the paper you are using to do a specific task.

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