How to Fix Error 1300 in Canon printer GP 4000 Series

Currently, canon printers have a various number of models available. GP 4000 series offers imagePROGRAF models for inkjet printers with a 500 GB hard drive. Well, not talking about its specialty, we’ll directly come to the troubleshooting discussion that encourages us to assist users experiencing error code 1300 on their system screen.

What is Code 1300 in Canon printer GP 4000?

If you are trying to print with your image PROGRAF GP 4000 and you see code 1300, it’s the error code coming because of paper jamming issues. It’s a common problem in Canon printers. The paper jammed inside the Canon printer while printing and resulted in error code 1300. The solutions for this are given below. You can follow these solutions and fix the issue by yourself.

How to Fix Error 1300 in Canon GP 4000 Series?

The initial solution to not see error code 1300 is to remove jammed paper from the imagePROGRAF GP 4000. Go through the below steps to resolve error code 1300

Step 1 – Pull Out Jammed Paper

Here are two situations:

  1. If the normal sheet has stuck.
  2. If the paper roll has stuck.

   Case 1. If The Normal Sheet Has Stuck

  • Firstly, open your imagePROGRAF GP 4000 by pressing the ON button.
  • You will notice the Canon logo on the touch screen, showing your printer has turned on.
  • Then, switch off the printer.
  • After that, Lift the top cover.
  • Make sure the Carriage is not outside. Else, move it to the left or right side to take it far from the stuck paper.   
  • Afterward, hold the release lever and lift it.
  • Then, you’ll see the jammed paper. By holding it take out the stuck paper.
  • Followingly, shift the carriage from right to left side.
  • Lastly, down the lever to the original position and close the top cover.

Case 2. Suppose The Paper Roll Has Stuck. 

Paper Roll Has Stuck. 

  • Ensure your imagePROGRAF GP 4000 is turned off.  
  • Then, life up the cover and shift the Carriage away from the jammed paper.
  • Nextly, open the release lever and hold the stuck roll paper from both ends.
  • Then, pull out the jammed portion toward your side. 
  • Afterward, you can cut the printer or wrinkled portion.  
  • After that, move back the Carriage to its original position.
  • Hold the leading edge and carefully pull out from the middle until the output guide reaches.
  • Make a move and maintain the roll paper’s right edge and paper alignment line parallel aligned.  
  • In this situation, down the release lever and close the top cover.
  • Finally, turn on your imagePROGRAF GP 4000 printer and try printing your document.

Step 2 – Load a New Paper to Your Image PROGRAF GP 4000

In case, your imagePROGRAF printer automatically chooses sheets, media size, and the media type that is print job specified on the printer screen, then tap OK and begin loading papers. However, if your printer didn’t get any print job; go through the below steps to load new papers in your Canon printer GP 4000 model.

Load Sheets

  • Select sheets according to the paper source. 
  • Then, open the paper settings display and choose Load paper/Replace paper.
  • After that, Lift the top cover and release the lever. 
  • Nexlty, put the sheet in portrait orientation between paper retainer and platen.
  • Followingly, Down the release lever and top cover as well.
  • Printing begins after paper feeding.

Load the Upper Roll

In case, the Roll paper auto-feed is enabled, you have to load the roll paper, and it’ll feed it automatically. 

Firstly, open Home Screen.

Then, tap the paper settings display area.

After that, lift the top cover and output guide.

Followingly, hold flanges, and the holder stopper should be on the left.

Nextly, the right guide grooves and roll holder slot left should align roll holder shaft.

Maintain the output guide down to Enable the auto-feed.

Then. close the cover. With this, the roll paper should be fed.

In case, the Roll paper auto-feed is disabled, tap on Start Feeding to feed the roll paper.

Loading The Lower Roll

Loading The Lower Roll

Loading roll paper in Roll 2 lower is similar to the upper roll. 

Switch on your Canon imagePROGRAF GP 4000.

In case, you cannot feed roll paper automatically, permits the Switch roll paper.

Then, Go to the Home screen and select the paper settings display.

To allow the Roll paper to auto-feed, change the Roll Holder Lock switch. It’s done on the roll unit to the release position.        

After that, hold flanges in the printer to keep the holder stopper on the left side.

Followingly, align roll holder with right guide grooves and roll holder slot left.

Then, load the paper. 

Next to the roll unit, shift the Roll Holder Lock into the lock position.

Lastly, on the left and top of the roll unit top feed icon, change the feed flap switch.

Step 3 – Tap Yes on Print Job Notification

On the touch screen, you may get a notification, “There is a job which has not been printed yet. Do you want to print this job?”. In thissituation, Yes.  

Your Canon imagePROGRAF GP 4000 error 1300 will be solved with all the above steps. Try to print again from the starting page. If you still face the error 1300, your printer could be damaged. Take imagePROGRAF printer to service center.

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