How to Fix Error Canon Pixma TR8520 Disconnecting?

A great printer that produces HD prints and is simple to operate is the Canon Pixma TR8520. The Canon Pixma TR8520 also provides a number of cutting-edge printing functions. Additionally, it is the greatest device for both personal and professional use.

The printer frequently fails to print the document. The Canon Pixma TR8520 occasionally experiences intermittent offline issues, along with other printing hiccups. Users who experience issues with the Pixma TR8520 or keep on jamming when printing a document can quickly solve it.

This article will offer the ideal repair for the Canon Pixma TR8520’s persistent offline issue. Therefore, it is advised that all users take the measures listed below to resolve the issue.

Users need not worry because we have offered simple and direct solutions to resolve the issue. Additionally, by using the troubleshooting techniques listed below, the user can resolve the issue and restore the printer to its pre-problem condition.

Troubleshooting Steps for Canon Pixma TR8520

The user encounters a Canon Pixma TR8520 that isn’t working while printing. As a result, the user is unable to finish the print job as a result of this problem. In light of this, we have talked about ways to fix the Pixma TR8520’s persistent offline issue.

Delete all Print Jobs

  • Go to the “Start” button and select the “Windows” icon from there.
  • Select the device from the Settings window by clicking the “Select Device” option.
  • Then select “Printers and Scanners” from the menu.
  • Next, choose the printer by right-clicking it. Go to the drop-down menu and select “See what’s printed” now.
  • Select all of the open print jobs, then delete them.

How to Fix Error Canon Pixma

Change the Status of the Canon Pixma TR8520

  • The “Printers and Scanners” window should be opened.
  • Right-click on the printer by making a selection from there.
  • Choose the “Use printer offline” option when choosing a printer.

Therefore, using the aforementioned techniques will make it simple for all customers to resolve the Canon Pixma TR8520 offline. Continue to the next method below if the issue doesn’t change.

Reinstall Printer drivers

All the users are advised to reinstall the drivers with the below steps:-

  • To uninstall the Canon Pixma TR8520 printer drivers, open the “Printer Server” window.
  • Remove the Canon printer drivers when the driver uninstalls from the PC.
  • Then click “Add a printer” in the “Printers and Scanners” window once more.
  • In order to resolve the Pixma TR8520 offline problem once and for all, reinstall the printer drivers.

Restart the printer spooler service again

Restart the printer spooler service if the Canon Pixma TR8520 is still not responding to the user. As a result, doing this will fix the Pixma TR8520’s offline issue.

  • Press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously while being gentle.
  • The Run dialogue box will then show up on the screen.
  • Press “services.msc” now, followed by “Enter”.
  • Click any service from the list of Windows services, then keep pressing “P” until it highlights the printer spooler.
  • In the pop-up menu, right-click “Print Spooler” and choose “Properties”.
  • Then select the “Stop” option found in the General Tab’s “Service Status” section. To save the changes, click “OK” after that.
  • The service will momentarily shut down as a result of this. Remember to remove all print files as well. Open Windows Explorer and then C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPrinters to do that. The operating system might ask for your permission; if so, choose “Continue” from the menu.

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