How To Installing The Ij Start Canon Setup Printer Or Driver?

What all can we expect from a good printer? We hope for good functions and all in one features in a single printer. The single printer should perform copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. This means the printer should be multifunctional. Same like this is the Canon setup printers. The canon Ij printers are able to perform many functions in printers with copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. So these printers can fulfill your requirements, you don’t need to go for a separate machine for separate work. Let’s see the features of canon IJ printers.

Let’s have a conversation about the printing speed of the canon ij printer, the speed of printing is 9 to 15 prints every minute. The quality of the print that you print out from the canon ij printer is the natural and real one. This links the devices instantly and manually. The black and white prints and colour prints can also be taken from the canon ij printers. The canon ij printers have a small screen to see the updates of pages or document printing from the printer. In case you face any printer problem, the printer’s on-screen display shows the error and how to solve it.

 what things to do while before and installing the Ij start canon setup printer or driver:-

Here are the following things which you need to keep in mind while installing the canon Ij printer and the driver or software:-

Check if the old driver is uninstalled before installing or downloading the software or driver of Canon Ij setup on any device. If the old version is already on the device, then installing the new driver will be impossible. So it would be better if you uninstalled the old driver. Now for installing the printer wirelessly, you need to have Wi-Fi router. Also for the manual connection, you should have a USB cable. When installing the printer with the driver, your printer should have WPS mode on it. And your Wi-Fi router should be in connection to WPS mode.

Organize the page alignment before giving the command to the printer. Before installing the driver, check the license and agreement of the canon set up printers, and then move forward with the installation process. While downloading the driver, you will need to choose your model number first and then go for the driver download. After that, you need to select the device for which you want to download the driver for PC or windows and Mac. So here are the points that you have to follow while and before installing the canon ij printer and the driver or software.

 what is the easy method to download the driver or software for Windows PC:

Follow the steps about downloading the Ij start canon setup driver or setup for windows PC:-

The drivers are available there to connect the printer to the devices. What’s the driver? The driver is the connection between the printer and the laptop, PC, or Mac device. Before the invention of the drivers, we connected the printer manually through the USB cable that is a manual connection. The canon ij driver or software made things easy in comparison to before. Currently, you don’t have to go to the printer for the connection of your device. You can directly give a command while sitting in any corner of the house or office.

To download the canon ij setup driver or software, there is a different official website. The website is Now you need to open the search engine of your windows PC and then search for the official website given above. After that, the home page will appear on your PC screen. There you will watch the setup option, and click on it. Then on the next tab, you have to choose the model number letters one by one, or you have to enter the model number and then search for the driver. Then, select for windows or PC option. And after that click on the Download option. Lastly, downloading of the driver will start.

 what about the wireless connection of Ij start canon setup printer with the Windows PC?

Follow the steps to the wireles connection of the Canon Ij orinter with the windows PC or device:-

The wireless connection means using the Wi-Fi router and the driver to connect the device and the printer. These days, all the printers are with wireless connection setup. Also, you will get a CD drive with the printer. The CD contains the driver or software for easy installation. You just need to enter the CD and install the software on your device. After that open the driver or software and click on the startup the setup option. Nextly, switch on the printer by pressing the power button till the green light blinks. Then, go and press the settings or setup button to go into the Wireless LAN setup settings.

Followingly, use the OK button to go into the Wireless LAN setup option. There go for another setup option. And in other setups go for a cable-less setup connection. Then, go to the software and start the installation of the app. After that, choose the method of connection. Then, go for connecting using a wireless connection. Then, switch on the Wi-Fi router that you have and press and hold the WPS button of the router. Now choose the router connection and put the password. Then, you will see your printer name. Click on your printer to connect. The printer will save the information related to the router’s name and password in it. Nextly, the printer and devices will be connected wirelessly to each other.

what is the process of manual connection of Ij start canon setup printer with the windows PC device?


Follow the steps about the manual connection of the Ij canon printer with the windows PC device:-

  • Firstly, take a USB cable.
  • Then, join the one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the Windows PC device.
  • After that, turn on both the devices.
  • Now go to the Windows PC.
  • Nextly, go into the settings of the device.
  • After that, in the settings, you will see the printer and scanners option.
  • Then, go into the printer and scanners option.
  • Now you will need to click on the add device option.
  • In the following step, choose your device or add the name of your device.
  • Finally, your devices are connected manually.

 what is the connection process of Ij start canon setup printer via smartphones and tablets?


Follow the steps telling about the wireless connection and downloading the app of Canon Ij setup with the smartphones and tables:-

Before connecting the device, you need to download and install the Ij canon setup app on your tablet or smartphone. To download the app, follow the steps below:-

  • Firstly, open the Google play store or any other app store on your tablet or smartphone.
  • After that, search for the Ij canon setup app.
  • Then, choose the correct app from the app list.
  • Nextly, click on the install option.
  • After that, downloading of the app will start.
  • After downloading the app, the installation will begin automatically.
  • Wait till the downloading completes.
  • Finally, the app is ready to connect to the printer.

Now let’s go to the connection of printer and tablet or smartphone. Then go to the printer and switch on the printer. After that, go to the settings of the printer: in settings, go for Wireless LAN setup. Then, click on the OK button to enter into settings. Lastly, follow the instructions on the screen to connect the Ij start canon setup printer to the smartphone and tablet.

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