How to Setup Canon TR4522?

Do you know what printers driver is? To learn more about Canon printers, you have come to the perfect site. is a global corporation that produces a variety of specialized printers that are useful in the office, at school, or for any task requiring a physical copy of the documents. The item enjoys widespread fame. Additionally, it can print, copy, scan, send a FAX, and perform many other tasks wirelessly. It includes black ink cartridge 245 and color ink cartridge 246 both in the IJ Start Canon Setup TR4522.

This printer’s box includes a black and a colored ink cartridge as a bonus. Moreover, a cable of wire. Everything is organized in a pleasing way. The printer is light in weight and simple to set up. It needs a little space to fit. A substantial amount of paper may be loaded into this printer. Additionally, they provide a telecom wire for the integrated fax machine in this printer as well as a box with the CD-ROM drive and setup software. Also included are some warranty details and manual starting instructions.

Setup of IJ Start Canon Setup TR4522

To set up the Pixma TR4522 printer the steps are as follows:-

Setting up Basic Tools:

Below are the steps for the basic tools:-

  • Start by inserting the power cable into the printer cable connectors on the printer’s rear.
  • After that, turn on the switch and plug the other end into a home outlet.
  • Then activate this printer’s power by pressing the power button.
  • In addition, you will observe that the green light will begin flickering before becoming solid after a short period of time.
  • The LCD will then display a language selection prompt; choose your preferred language (English is the default).
  • Click “OK” after selecting the language, and then it will tell to install ink cartridges. Detach the cover.
  • To access the two slots left and right where the color and black ink cartridges are located, you must first open the small cabinet under the front cover.
  • After that, remove the orange tape from the ink cartridges container.
  • Additionally, insert it and push it up. Place the color cartridge and the black cartridge should be on the left and right respectively.
  • The printer will then restart itself after you close the cover. After it has finished resetting itself, we can hear the sound.
  • After that, insert the paper into the input tray, which has since slid slightly out of this position. Changing the paper size is another option.
  • After that, push the input tray after sliding the paper into it.

Setting Up the Connection of Ij Start Canon Setup TR4522

Below you will see the guide to set up the connection:-

  • After basic tool setup, the LCD panel will display “prepare for connection”.
  • Once you’ve done that, click OK. The phrase “ready to connect” actually refers to getting started.
  • Open any web browser on your device and navigate to to access the Canon website.
  • Select the setup option next.
  • Additionally, enter the model name of your printer and press Go.
  • Next, select Start.
  • It will inspire you to download the application necessary to connect to the printer.
  • Next, select the download button.
  • Open the setup exe after downloading, then select Start Setup.
  • Clicking next will reveal the terms and conditions.
  • The software download will then begin.
  • After that, the licensing agreement will appear; select yes.
  • The following screen allows you to check the printer’s status.
  • then decide on the connecting method.
  • click yes next.
  • After that, the screen for setting up will appear.
  • Additionally, it will ask you for your wifi’s SSID password.
  • Next, click.
  • It will also display that the connection is complete when you click next.
  • The program will then be installed after that.
  • It will then print a test page.
  • That’s it, your setup of setup TR4522 is all done.

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