How to Setup Pixma MG3032 Printer?

The Canon MG3022 printer is a small size. It is all-inclusive and equipped with the best features. The PIXMA cloud link, auto power on, built-in WiFi. And, users admire many other characteristics of this printer. Additionally, the hybrid ink technology of this printer incorporates color inks. As a result, the lettering is crystal clear and the colors are vibrant. Additionally, installing the Canon MG3022 on your PC is a simple and practical operation.

The next simple steps will offer you how to set up your Canon MG3022 as you read this post.

What Steps to take Canon MG3022 Setup

Before beginning the Canon MG3022 Setup, keep in mind that you should inspect the printer’s package seal. Here, we’ll walk you through unpacking your printer and setting it up. Therefore, be sure to carefully and correctly follow the method.

Unbox Your Canon MG3022 Printer

  • Open the package first, then proceed to remove all of the provided items.
  • Then, remove the shipping box from your Canon printer.
  • Then, verify in case our products are in perfect condition and have no visible damage.
  • Keep in mind that you place the printer where the temperature and pressure are ideal.
  • You must now attach the power line to both the power source and the back of your printer.
  • Consequently, your Canon device starts up.
  • Open the cassette, add enough paper, and then close it.
  • The ink cartridges must then be put into the appropriate slots on your printer.
  • You must now download the driver from Ij.start.cannon or

Setup Process:

  • First, hold down the wifi button on your Canon printer while pressing it. Now, wait until the light begins to flicker so that you can complete the Canon MG3022 Setup.
  • After then, press and hold the color button until the network starts to glow.
  • As a result, when you touch the color button, it will turn on the Wireless LAN.
  • From the driver file that was downloaded, select Start.
  • Select your residence area now, then click the next button.
  • After that, you should also carefully read the license agreement. Acceptance is required.
  • So, click the “Yes” button to accept it.
  • You now need to press the “Agree” button. Also, this can be seen on the screen for the advanced survey program.
  • Proceed after switching the firewall program on or off.
  • The information about your wireless access point or router will therefore show up on the screen.
  • Here, you must choose “Yes.”
  • Select the network’s router name next.
  • A pop-up box will then appear to inform you that your network connection is now complete. Now select the following choice.
  • You must choose the Canon MG3022 here as your default printer. Launch the program after that, and then click “Exit” to finish the Canon MG3022 setup.


Here are all the needy steps to try and finish the Canon MG3022 setup process which is above in this post. We sincerely hope you find this content to be useful.

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