How to Setup Your Printer with Google Cloud Print?

You must configure your Canon printer with Google Cloud Printing if you want to improve your printing experience. It enables printing from any place or device that supports the cloud. Printing is easy when you do it from your web browser. The first step in the procedure is set up, which you must complete in order to use this top-tier service.

Fundamental Requirements for Google Cloud Print

You must fulfill certain requirements in order to set up a printer on Cloud Print. Your process will become easier, more hassle-free, and quicker to perform if these prerequisites are met. The requirements for the setup process are as follows:-

  • Logic credentials for your active Google Account
  • Canon wireless printer set up successfully
  • PC or smart device with an updated internet browser
  • A4 paper placed in your Canon printer
  • Wireless network connection with strong signals
  • Learn how to set up your Canon printer with Google Cloud Print

There are several ways you can configure your Canon printers to work with Google Cloud Print. Two of them are listed below. You are free to select any technique of your choosing. To ensure that the process proceeds without any unwelcome obstacles, be careful to adhere to the directions exactly as they are written.

Method 1: Setup the Printer with Cloud Print Using a Web Browser

Cloud Print Using a Web

Using a web browser to set up your Canon printer for Google Cloud Printing is fairly easy and uncomplicated. We have included step-by-step directions below to help you navigate.

Note that Google Chrome will support this process. Verify the options’ locations because they can change depending on the web browser.

  • Firstly, connect your Canon printer and computer system to the same wireless network.
  • After that, launch a secure web browser on your PC. To ensure a smooth workflow, upgrade it if necessary to the most recent version.
  • Thereafter, In the top-right corner of the browser, click the three horizontal lines or dots.
  • The alternatives will start to grow right away. In the list, find and choose the “Settings” option.
  • After that, Go to the bottom of the Settings window and scroll down. At the bottom, there is an “Advanced” option. To enlarge the options, click it.
  • You can discover the “Printing” section as you descend. “Google Cloud Print” is the second choice in the section. Click it to continue.
  • Now click the toggle button to turn it on. Additionally, select the “Expand” icon next to the Manage Cloud Devices menu item.
  • You must click the “Add” option to add your printer next to it.
  • A list of neighbouring printers will be provided. Press “Add” after choosing the printer you want to configure for Google Cloud Print.
  • Your screen will show a confirmation message letting you know that the setup process was accomplished.
  • Lastly, the tab has been closed, you can restart web printing.

Method 2: Set up Canon Printer via Authentication URL

An authentication URL is another option for setting up a printer with Cloud Print. The setup will take a little while longer to complete. You must adhere to the guidelines provided below if you want the process to be straightforward and error-free:-

  • Firstly, you must push the Power button on your printer to turn it on. Access the control panel of your printer after turning it on. Ensure the connection of your Ij Start Canon printer to the Internet.
  • The menu will then appear on your screen with the help of the available keys once you press the “Home” button. Select Setup, Web Service Setup, Other Settings, Google Cloud Print Setup, and Register from the menu now.
  • Select “OK” next to it to validate your Cloud Print Canon registration.
  • After that, it will ask you to choose a language for the print settings. Choose the proper language and confirm your choice.
  • Your Canon printer will produce a page with all the network information after a short while. You will now have the authentication URL in your possession.
  • At this point, join the same Internet network as your Setup Canon printer on your computer. After that, open a web browser on it.
  • You must type the authentication URL found on the printout into your browser’s address bar.
  • This will lead you to the Cloud Print service’s logging window. Fill up the blanks with your registered information and confirm your account sign-in.
  • Lastly, your browser’s screen will now display the confirmation message. Along with this, a notification indicating that the setup is finished will appear on your printer’s screen.

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