How To Unbox The IJ.Start.Canon Printer

To unbox the canon printer follow the given instructions: 

  • firstly, make a video of unboxing without any cuts. 
  • After that unbox the printer and separate the box from the printer.
  • Now in this box, you will get a printer, a USB cable, a power cord, user manuals, and separate ink bottles to fill out the ink.
  • Nextly, check if the product is in one piece while transport i.e. checks for any damage.
  • After confirmation, there will be a connection part.
  • Then, connect the power cable to the power socket at the back of the printer and then plug it into the power board.
  • After that switch it on so that the printer boots for the first time.
  • This can take time for a first-time boot.
  • Then, open the upper lid of the printer and remove the cartridge.
  • Nextly, fill the cartridge with the ink given in the box.
  • Then, close it and restart the printer.
  • Finally, your printer is ready with unboxing part as well as setup part.

 Connection Establishing Of The Printer With The Devices.


For the computer or laptop, the connection will be wired i.e. present in physical form. But for mobile phones, the connection will be wireless:

The wired or physical connection of the printer with a laptop or computer:

  • To begin this firstly switch on your printer as well as the laptop or computer on which you want your printer connected.
  • After that, take the USB cable and connect one end to the printer’s back and another end to the USB port of the device.
  • Then, visit the control panel of your PC and then go to the devices option.
  • Here, find devices and printers.
  • Go to that by clicking on it.
  • Then check if your printer is shown in the list of devices connected to your PC.
  • This is the confirmation of the successful connection between your laptop and the ij start canon setup printer.
  • For any issue in the connection contact our customer care service, visiting our official website

Wireless/wifi Connection Of The Printer With Mobile Or Any Wireless Supporting Device:



  • For the wireless connection, there is a wifi button available on the top of your printer.
  • One more thing you are going to need is a wifi router.
  • Switch on your wifi router, your canon printer as well as your wireless supporting device.
  • Then, long-press the wifi button so that it starts blinking. If not then you need to go to wifi settings and switch it on.
  • After that, visit the menu bar and then go to settings.
  • Then, again go to the network option. Then scroll down and look for the wireless option.
  • As you click on the wireless option you will be asked to check for the available networks.
  • After that click on the browser and the list with lots of available wifi connections will appear on the ij start canon setup printer screen.
  • Then choose your wifi network and press ok on it.
  • Here enter the password for this network.
  • Press ok after inserting the password.
  • Then, the successful name will appear on your canon printer screen.
  • Finally, you are all set with wireless connection of

 Downloading the important drivers for your printer according to its model:-

  • The drivers are different for the different Canon printer models.
  • To download these drivers you need to enter the link in the search engine of the device you want the drivers installed.
  • After that, the link for canon printer will take you to the driver download page.
  • Now the four options will be visible i.e. setup, read online manual, see recommended functions, and faq.
  • Click on the setup option.
  • On the following page, you will get three methods to enter your model number for downloading drivers of
  • The very first method will be directly entering the method number into the desired place and click search.
  • Second method will be selecting the first two letters of your ij start canon setup printer model.
  • Third method will consist of directly selecting the model number according to the alphabetical list of printer models.
  • opt any one method to choose the model number of your printer and then enter the search.
  • Here, the webpage will auto-detect your os and will show the download option according to it.
  •  Click on the download tab to start the downloading of the canon printer driver on your driver.

How to install the downloaded driver of for your device:

  • This is the final step of the canon printer setup.
  • For this, open the downloads folder on your device to find the downloaded app on it. Double click on it to open it.
  • Else, you can directly open the downloads option from your browser and click on the software to open it.
  • Here it will take your permission to make changes to your system by installing this software.
  • Give it the permission by clicking on the yes button.
  • Then, the driver setup will open up.
  • Make sure that your connection of the printer as well as this device is established with either wired or wireless connection.
  • The first step, there will be the detection of the printer automatically.
  • This may take some time.
  • As soon as it detects the printer, it will show you the next button. Click on the next button.
  • Then, choose the recommended drivers package from various packs available, then click on next.
  • For mac operating system there will be an option of continuing rather than of the next option.
  • Now, the installation will begin. After some time, the finish button appears.
  • Click on it, and the installation will be complete.
  • Restart your device and after that open the drivers making sure the connection of the printer is established.
  • Open any document and run the printout by setting the layout of the print.
  • Finally, all set for the ink printer setup.

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