PIXMA Pro-100S Wireless Connection Setup

The Canon Pixma Pro100s is a user-friendly, straightforward, and reasonably priced printer that enables the user to produce high-quality prints that can rival the appearance of the photos you take. It has high-speed printing in addition to print quality. The Canon Pixma Pro100S printer is also a wise choice for consumers looking for a high-quality printer.

In addition, we have shown how the customer may set up the printer with ease. To make the most of the Canon Pixma Pro 100, you must complete the setup process.

Features of Canon Pixma Pro100s

Users can print vibrant, borderless photos using the excellent Canon Pixma Pro 100s printer. It also includes a useful and well-designed plug-in that streamlines printing. The printer is very simple to operate thanks to its wireless printing capability.

This is the ideal choice for users looking for a low-cost, professional-quality picture printer. Additionally, we have covered the characteristics of the Canon Pixma Pro 100S below for the benefit of all users.

Versatile Paper Handling

The two-way paper feeding function offers a rear tray for the majority of media types which gets support. As well as a technical manual feed on the printer’s back for simple loading of thick paper.

Built-in CD and DVD Printing

The user can quickly print on their own printable DVD, CD, or Blu-ray jacket and discs thanks to this capability.

Built-in WiFi Feature

The user may effortlessly print using their Wi-Fi-capable devices thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi capability. Additionally, it enables smooth printing across several systems for a number of users.

Built-in Ethernet Connectivity

Built-in Ethernet enables many users to print over various network systems with ease in any setting.

Canon Pixma Pro100s Wireless Setup Procedure

Many consumers are looking for advice on how to set up Pixma Pro100s quickly and easily. We, therefore, offer a quick and straightforward setup procedure for each of them. Users must therefore carefully review the instructions and follow them in order to finish the setup process.

Note: Users are urged to carefully verify that their wireless router and smartphone/system are linked properly.

The Canon Pixma Pro100s

Connect Using WPS

  • Make sure to push the router’s WPS button.
  • Once the power lamp has flashed, press and hold the printer’s Wi-Fi button.
  • After the flash, release the Wi-Fi button.
  • Now check to see if the power lamp is on “Light” and the Wi-Fi lamp is flashing quickly.
  • Followingly, within two minutes, push and hold the button on the wireless router.
  • Ensure that both the power lamp and the Wi-Fi lamp are ON.
  • It will complete the setup procedure when you follow these steps.

Connect using the WPS PIN method

  • It is advised that users first wait until the power lamp flashes six times before pressing the printer’s “Resume/Cancel” button.
  • Users are encouraged to release the “Resume/Flash” button after the sixth flash.
  • The printer’s “Resume/Cancel” button should now be pressed and held down while waiting for the power lamp to flash eight times.
  • After the ninth flash, release the “Resume / Cancel” button.
  • Now, adhere to the device’s on-screen instructions to set the WPS PIN code as specified on the wireless router’s Printed Network Configuration page.
  • After that, check to see if the printer’s Wi-Fi lamp is on.

Note: Contact Canon customer service if the alarm lighting turns on.

With the help of the aforementioned procedures, a user can successfully complete the Canon Pixma Pro 100 wireless setup. Visit the official website at Canon.com/ijsetup to obtain the latest drivers and software for Canon printers.

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