Setup Pixma TS3300 Printer’s WiFi With Windows 10

Following are the steps to use a Windows 10 device to directly set the WiFi of the Canon Pixma TS3300 printer:-

Step 1:- Download the Driver of the Canon TS3300 Printer for Windows 10:

The steps are given below:-

  • Open your Windows 10 device’s browser to download the driver.
  • Then, enter “” in the browser’s search box.
  • Then, go looking for it.
  • The official page will now launch.
  • The Setup option will be there, select it.
  • In the following window, you require to choose the model number or serial number of your printer.
  • Click the Go button after selecting the model or serial number.
  • You must decide which device you wish to download the driver for.
  • Select Windows 10 as your device.
  • Then, select the Download button.
  • The setup will then start downloading.
  • That’s it, the downloaded setup will now appear in the downloads folder.

Step 2:- Turn on the Wifi of the Canon Printer and Connect the Printer to Windows 10:

  • Firstly, turn on your printer.
  • Till the time green light blinks, you need to hold the power button.
  • If the green light on the printer blinks, that means your printer is on.
  • After that, for around 15 seconds, press and hold the WiFi button or printer’s wireless button.
  • You can view the WiFi range on the printer’s display.
  • Your printer’s WiFi is turned on and prepared to attach to the Windows 10 device driver.
  • Go to the setup now, and then double-click it.
  • After that, run the setup.
  • Then, agree with the terms of the agreement.
  • After that, select Install from the menu.
  • Then, select Start setup from the menu.
  • Nextly, select Next from the menu.
  • The entire procedure could require some time.
  • Read the Agreement and License now.
  • Once you have read it, select Agree.
  • On the following page, choose the Next option after selecting the WiFi connection.
  • Click the Next button once more.
  • Select the Next option once more.
  • As we did earlier, press and hold the WiFi button on the printer.
  • Afterward, select the Next button.
  • You can see that it is connected here.
  • Click the Next button now.
  • Be patient while the drivers install.
  • The page you want to print will now open.
  • Choose the Next option from there.
  • Go ahead and use your printer to take a test printout after that.
  • That completes the wireless connection of the Canon TS3300 printer to the Windows 10 tablet.

Step 2:- How to Set Up the Canon Ts3300 Printer, Scanning, and Take a Printing Review?

Set up the Canon TS3300 printer, scanning, and printing using the steps listed below:-

  • Click the Next button once the connection has been established.
  • Then, new settings will show up.
  • On the following page, you must select the Continue Online option.
  • You will now be sent to the Canon website.
  • Go back now.
  • You are done now.
  • Your Windows 10 desktop will be now on your device.
  • Click the Start button on the desktop.
  • IJ Scan Tools are available from the start menu.
  • To open it, click on it.
  • You will now see different scanning options, such as Scan documents, Scan photos, etc.
  • Now select Document from the menu.
  • Additionally, the scanner will open.
  • Put the page or document you wish to scan into your TS3300 printer right now.
  • Then, hold off till the scanning finishes.
  • When the scanning is complete, select Exit from the menu.
  • Your Windows 10 screen will now display the page that was scanned.
  • Then, select Print from the menu.
  • Your printer, model number TS3300, will print the document.

How to Set Up the Usb Setup Canon Ts3300 Printer with a Windows 10 Device?

The steps for utilizing a USB cable to connect the Canon TS3300 printer to a Windows 10 device are below:-

  • First of all, turn on the printer.
  • Next, hold down the power button while waiting for the green light to blink.
  • The connecting cord should then be available.
  • The cable should have a round one end and USB-like other ends.
  • Put the rounded end into the printer slot at this point.
  • A second USB end is connected to the Windows 10 device.
  • Visit Windows 10 device’s desktop or display now.
  • Navigate to the device’s settings from the desktop.
  • Open the Printers and Scanners menu in settings.
  • You will find the Devices option in the settings, select it.
  • Next, purchase a printer and a scanner.
  • The option to Add Canon printer drivers or scanners will be there.
  • Click on it.
  • You may see the Canon TS3300 series printer on the screen that follows.
  • Or use the multipurpose printer.
  • Click on any of these printers.
  • Then, select Add Device from the menu.
  • The printer will now start loading.
  • You can see the device in the added list once the d   ownloading is complete.
  • Now choose the newly added printer and then select Manage.
  • Select the print a Test page option on the following page.
  • The printing procedure will then start.

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